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Ambershore Shawl Knit-Along

I am SO excited to knit my second Ambershore Shawl, and making it along with you for the Ambershore Shawl Knit-Along is the cherry on top.

This is a fingering weight shawl, so we need a good chunk of time! We will begin knitting on November 15th and end on the week of January 17th.

I didn't forget that I promised some new colourway combinations for you!  I would knit this next Ambershore Shawl in any of these combos, but I think I've set my heart of the first set, which includes one of my favourite colourways, Awesome Arbutus. Click on the pics to snag your Ambershore Shawl Knit-Along yarn.

Scroll down for more details, and SIGN UP FOR THE KNIT-ALONG HERE

These kits are eligible for free shipping within North America (no code required), and a 10% discount is also auto-applied.

Awesome Arbutus

Heart of the Madder (same as pictured shawl)

Naturally 90s


Everlea Fingering Trio kits combine three carefully chosen colourways which are destined to make stunning, heirloom-worthy handknits. Each kit consists of a lightest, medium and darkest colourway, which naturally knit up best from lightest to darkest.

You get three skeins of Everlea Fingering to make the pictured Ambershore shawl by Vancouver-based designer, Inese Sang, or any other three-colour project.

You get a total of 345 grams of our naturally dyed Everlea Fingering. Below are the stats for each skein.

115 grams - 384 meters/410 yards 
Use US 2-4 / 2.5-3.5mm needles

Everlea Fingering is organic merino yarn sourced from New Zealand, spun in Canada and then dyed with natural dyes by Everlea Yarn in British Columbia. It is perfect for those projects which you wish to have a lightweight feel, and its 2-ply structure is perfect for opening up yarn-overs in your lace knitting.

Here's what you need to know to join us in knitting the Ambershore Shawl by Inese Sang:


What is a Knit-Along?

A knit-along is an intentional community knitting event where we all knit the same thing within a shared timeline. This Everlea Knit-Along will include video instruction from me on all the different techniques employed in the Ambershore Shawl, as well as live Knit Nights, live check-ins and prizes!

What is the Schedule?

You will have the opportunity to meet with me and your fellow Ambershore Knitters four times over two months as well as have access to how-videos from me along the way.

Below is the Nov/Dec schedule. I will post the January schedule closer to the date so we can assess if Mondays are working for people. These dates all land on a Monday.

November 15th 5pm pacific // You are invited to the live online Cast-on-Party at 5pm pacific. Can't make the party? There will be a cast-on how-to video ready for you that morning on Youtube.

November 22nd 8am pacific  //  I will publish a corrugated knitting demonstration on Youtube. Corrugated knitting is the colourwork portion of this shawl, where two colourways alternate.

November 29th 11am pacific //  I will publish a bobble-making demonstration on youtube at 8am and you are invited to join me online for a Check-In Social online at 11am.

December 13th 5pm pacific // Knit Night. There will be a door-prize!

Stay tuned for the January dates. The Knit-Along will end somewhere on the week of January 17th.

What are the rules?

I try to keep things low pressure in my spaces, so the only real rule is that you cast on an Ambershore Shawl somewhere within the Knit-Along timeline. Here are some answers to the FAQs

- To be eligible for prizes sign up for the Knit Along 
- There will be a draw prize for the people who complete the shawl, but is it not important that you do.
- The Knit Nights (one in Dec, one in Jan) will have door prizes for anyone who shows up and is knitting an Ambershore shawl at any stage of progress.
- You do not need to show up to any of the live events to be eligible for final prizes.
- You do not need to be knitting in Everlea Yarn to take part in the Knit-Along, but those of you who do will get extra points toward final prizes.

What are the prizes?

You guessed it, Everlea Yarn! Plus some other fun knitting accessories.

How do I sign up?

To be eligible for prizes sign up HERE.
If you're on facebook, join the group
HERE to share progress photos and chat.

Where do I get the pattern?

Buy the pattern on Ravelry HERE. If you do not have a Ravelry account I can assist you in buying the pattern. Just email me at ~janna (at)
I look forward to knitting with you! And, as always thank you for being here,

Janna Maria
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