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If you are new to tapestry weaving you might be all too familiar with seeing a piece come off the loom misshapen. This can be so disappointing and even maddening. But it's also super common.

There are lots of ways that you can avoid this on the loom. It’s essentially a weft tension issue which comes down to being more consistent with the amount of weft you place into each pick.

The good news is that when your piece is off the loom, and it's wider on one end than the other it may not be a lost cause. Blocking your tapestry is an option if your weft is non-superwash wool.

This photos are from my new series of tapestry lessons Techniques in Tapestry at the School of Sweetgeorgia, where I show you how to steam block your tapestry. It's kind of magic how fast and simple it is.

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