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My Portuguese/throwing colourwork purling styles

As a new knitter in 2002 I wasn't aware the many different approaches to knitting knit stitches and purl stitches. But when I did eventually learn about continental knitting and saw how much faster it is than throwing I tried to switch several times over many years, to no avail. The learning curve was too steep for my already well established muscle memory.

But in 2011 Melissa at Miso Crafty Knits mentioned she was using Portuguese Knitting and I gave it a shot. A quick Andrea Wong Youtube video later and I was purling Portuguese style flawlessly. My purling hasn't changed since, and it's even faster than my throwing knit stitch. So, I'll knit stockinette stitch items which are knit in the round inside out so I can purl all stitches.

I've just published a demonstration of my two colourwork purling methods. The first method uses a combination of throwing and Portuguese-style purling to knit two colours, and the second method abandons throwing and introduces a paper clip pin to purl two colours in Portuguese-style.

When I knit the right side of colourwork I don't employ Portuguese knitting techniques at all, I throw as per this video:

Find the Everlea Fingering yarns which appear in this video here:

If you are a thrower, would you try this method of purling?


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