Upping your Tapestry Game

Janna Vallee tapestry

If you have taken my Tiny Tapestry workshop and are excited to pursue tapestry further, a Mirrix Loom and membership to the School of SweetGeorgia, where my comprehensive tapestry lessons are found, are by far your best investments.

Mirrix Looms are beautifully built, portable copper and aluminum looms. They are designed specifically for weaving tapestries, rugs and beads. When you weave on a Mirrix you can focus on weaving those things knowing your loom is meant for the job! Your loom comes with a shedding device which opens both sheds for you, operated by a comfortable handle. Another wonderful thing about Mirrix Looms is that they are built in the USA.

I offer the Extra Tall 12", 16" and 22" Mirrix Looms and accessories in TWO places online:

1) Here at Everlea Yarn (shipped from Canada)
2) As a kit from Mirrix Looms (shipped from the USA). Find my kit under the heading 'Starter Packages'

Find my comprehensive online tapestry courses with the School of SweetGeorgia here and get 15% off a three month membership there. With an all-access School of SweetGeorgia membership, you get access to all her courses and the entire library of SOS textile art dyeing, spinning, weaving and knitting lessons. Membership starts at only $19 USD/month.

Images courtesy of the School of SweetGeorgia from my comprehensive online tapestry weaving courses there.

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