Mini Loom Kit for Tiny Tapestries workshop
Mini Loom Kit for Tiny Tapestries workshop
Mini Loom Kit for Tiny Tapestries workshop
Everlea Yarn

Mini Loom Kit for Tiny Tapestries workshop

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This loom kit is designed for my upcoming Tiny Tapestries workshop on Sunday May 30th.

Everlea’s mini loom is made in-house with sturdy popular wood, is designed for small tapestry weaving and includes six yarn samples and two tapestry needles, making it the perfect little kit.

These six colourways of Everlea Worsted yarn (total 30g) are plenty to be made into several small weavings on this loom.

What you get:

  1. 5"X8" wooden tapestry loom made by the Everlea studio.

  2. 30g of Everlea Worsted in six naturally dyed colourways (5g each)

  3. Two tapestry needles for weaving.

  4. Paint chips to match your yarn colourways.

  5. A glue stick

You will need to provide the following for the workshop:

  • Scissors

  • Pencil

    About the loom:

    • Size: 8" H x 5" W
    • EPI: 6 or 12
    • Weight: 2.5 oz
    • Material: Poplar wood

    About the Yarn: 

    Everlea Worsted is organic merino sourced from New Zealand, spun in Canada and then dyed by Janna with plant dyes in British Columbia.

    115 grams - 192 meters/210 yards 
    Use US 5-9 / 3.75-5.5mm needles

    Weave this yarn on this loom at 6 EPI, or double your density by warping your loom twice (doubling back) to weave at 12 EPI. Unply/split your weft in half (2 ply) for the perfect 12 EPI weft sett.

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