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Everlea Mini Loom Kit - Walnut

Everlea Mini Loom Kit - Walnut

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Walnut Everlea Mini Looms are made in-house with walnut wood, and designed for small scale tapestry weaving for weavers of all levels. Your Everlea Mini Loom Kit also comes with free access to my Intro to Tapestry class and ebook!

What you get:

  1. 5"X8" handmade walnut tapestry loom made in the Everlea studio.

  2. 35g (75 yds) of Everlea Worsted yarn in five different naturally dyed colourways (7g, 15yds each). The colourways that you receive may vary slightly from the colourways shown.

  3. Illustrated instructions for how to dress your Everlea Mini Loom

  4. One 5" pick-up stick

  5. One walnut Everlea Weaving Needle. Add a second walnut Everlea Weaving Needle and get them both for 15% off.

  6. Your Everlea Mini Loom Kit also comes with free access to my Intro to Tapestry class and ebook! Look for the download code in your loom box.

    About the loom:

    • Size: 8" H x 5" W
    • Ends Per Inch (dents): 6 or 12 on this one loom
    • Weight: 2.5 oz
    • Material: Walnut wood upper and lower beams, walnut or other exotic dark wood centre beam.

    • Designed and made entirely in-house here at the Everlea Yarn studio.

    About Everlea Worsted yarn: 

    Choose Everlea Worsted if you are a beginner weaver. 100% Merino wool sourced from New Zealand, Everlea Worsted is spun in Canada and then dyed by Janna with plant dyes in British Columbia. Weave Everlea Worsted on this loom singly warped at 6 ends-per-inch (EPI). Learn more about warping your loom


    There are 7g and 13 yards (12 metres) on each Everlea Worsted Card Bobbin.  

    About Everlea Weaving Needles

    For this listing I make Everlea Weaving Needles with quality dark walnut woods. They are sanded smooth so there won't be any issues with the wood catching on your fibres. I finish each weaving needle with linseed oil from flax which brings out the richness in the wood.

    Each Everlea Weaving Needle in this listing is 5" long, perfect for your Everlea Mini Loom. 

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