Mirrix Shasta Combs
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Mirrix Shasta Combs

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These combs essentially turn a Mirrix Loom into a simple frame loom (read: very simple to use) but with the Mirrix tensioning system and the ability to use the Mirrix shedding device.

The combs are not meant to replace our current warping system, which offers the advantage of putting on a warp that is longer than the loom itself as well as a variety of warp setts, but to provide an additional warping method that is very fast and simple and great for making samples and a single small weaving on your loom.

The Shasta Combs can also allow one to weave a tapestry/fiber piece (of limited lengths) with no warp-ends to finish.

The Shasta Combs are made of aluminum and have three sides so that they clamp right on to the top and bottom beams of the loom making them easy to put on and take off without having to permanently change anything about the loom.

The combs provide a limited warp sett of 8 or 4 ends per inch. However, if you use them with a top and bottom warp coil you can get whatever sett the warp coils are. This method of combining the combs with the warp coils allows you to use them with most bead sizes as well as different setts for tapestry/fiber weaving.

Comb Length/Number of Teeth:
5” Mirrix Loom: 2 3/8” wide. 10 teeth.
8” Mirrix Loom: 5 1/4” wide. 21 teeth.
12” Mirrix Loom: 9 1/4” wide. 37 teeth.
16” Mirrix Loom: 13 1/4” wide. 53 teeth.
22" Mirrix Loom: 19 1/4" wide. 77 teeth.

Ship from British Columbia, Canada

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