Everlea Worsted Card Bobbin - Blush
Everlea Yarn

Everlea Worsted Card Bobbin - Blush

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Everlea Worsted is a favourite among my customers for mending, embroidery, quilting, and tapestry weaving.

There are 7g and 13 yards (12 metres) on each Everlea Worsted Card Bobbin.

With this yarn, weave weft faced tapestry at 6-10 EPI. This yarn pairs well with any of our tapestry looms. Our Everlea Mini Loom is designed to be woven with a single strand of Everlea Worsted as weft.

Everlea Worsted is merino wool from New Zealand, spun in Canada and then dyed with natural dyes by Janna Maria at Everlea Yarn here in British Columbia.

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