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Ambershore Knit-along update

How are you doing?

I am entering the new year slowly and cautiously, literally. I had a bad fall on ice on Dec 23rd which left my hip quite bruised and sore for more than a week. Meanwhile we were getting snowed into our property for what would be 18 days! I was afraid to brave the conditions without proper footwear, so I mostly stayed inside. I did get a lot of knitting done, though.

Below shows where I am with my Ambershore shawl. I’m about 14 rows from finished, but I’m expecting that final bobble row to take me two or three days.


When I knit my first Ambershore Shawl I took all the deadline-type pressure off myself and just knit it whenever I could/wanted among my other knitting projects. All said and done, it took me a whole year! I even wrote a song called, “Why Does This Shawl Take So Long to Knit?”

It was my first fingering weight shawl, so THAT is precisely the ‘why’. I’ll tell you, though, when I was finished my shawl I was kicking myself for not finishing it sooner because it is SO nice to wear.

My slow entry into the New Year has me feeling like we need a couple more weeks for this knit-along, so I’m extending it until Friday January 28th when we will have our final Knit Night!

This means there is more time to enter your progress in the prize raffle!

Did you know that you can get two entries into the raffle for every day that you share your shawl and tag me on social media?

It's not too late to join for free and benefit from all the video tutorials that will arrive in your inbox!



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