Mirrix Looms


Mirrix Looms is a family-run business based in the United States. They are a mother-daughter team, Claudia and Elena, living in New Hampshire and Seattle respectively. When Claudia founded Mirrix Looms over 20 years ago she lived in Wisconsin where she built a relationship with the social enterprise Sunshine House, which trains and employs people with barriers to the workforce. Mirrix Looms have been manufactured there ever since.

I’ve been working on Mirrix Looms since 2014 when Claudia and Elena welcomed me as a member of their social marketing team, where I blogged in exchange for Mirrix products. They have been a huge support in my art practice over the years, and have proven over and over again that community is paramount in their business practice. I’m so glad to be a part of that community and offering Mirrix Looms here.

We have in stock all the loom sizes between 12” and 38” as well as the Spencer Power Treadle, loom extenders, bottom spring kits and heddles.