Ingalls Pullover


I'm almost done the body of my Ingalls pullover! I did the bulk of the knitting over 10 days and then took about two weeks off while I encountered some stressful life stuff. So many people refer to knitting as therapy, but my experience with knitting is that I can't relax into it until I've fully overcome any major stresses in my life. That pretty much describes the way I cope with stress in general. All my chores get neglected, and if we didn't need to eat I wouldn't be cooking either. I kind of shut down.⠀⠀⠀

So, the fact that I've been knitting again this week is a good sign that I'm over the hump of this stressor. Man, is it just me or is November a more emotional month?⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

This is my Ingalls pullover by Caitlin Hunter knit in our Organic Merino Sport in the 'ffrench locks' colourway for the main body and our Canadian Alpaca Plus in Fresh Green (which really translates as yellow against the greener green) for the yoke colourwork. I can't wait to see this blocked!

The art in the background is by Jill Pilon of @thekubestudios. We did an art trade after my exhibition at the Kube this past January. I love this piece! If you're on the Sunshine Coast they are having a XMAS Craft Faire this Saturday.  And if you haven't been there yet, my goodness you're missing out on so many beautiful home decor items, jewelry, art and I've got a bucketful of Organic Merino Sport there, too.

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