Pompom love

For a long time now I've had a penchant for big pom poms. Case in point this alpaca hat that my son Sam in wearing back in 2015. This is when we lived in Jersey City. We were on our way to do laundry down the street at Hamilton Laundry. I made the chore fun by stacking our stroller with bags of laundry and then hoisting Sam on-top belly down. He hung onto the stroller handle for the short ride down the road and loved every minute. Sam is five now and has no memory of this two-year-long ritual of ours. I can't believe that! The idea of having to hold on to a memory for both of us seems like such an important job! That's what art-making is for, I guess. I've got a series of tapestries in the works right now for a show in March and as always I'm thinking about ways to incorporate ideas around memory and evidence of interpersonal relationships into them. Maybe I'll riff off this photo for one of them.

Janna ValleeComment