Tapestry Weavings


This is the weaving that I traded with Jill Pilon for the painting I mentioned in the last post. It's hard to tell in this picture but it's a larger weaving. So, below is a photo of mine and Katie's of Everlea Textiles exhibition at The Kube (Gibsons BC) almost a year ago, for context.

It was woven on my 38" Mirrix loom with natural white, greys and our naturally dyed Canadian Wool Worsted spun at Custom Woolen Mills.

I had the fun idea to add long white fringe to it for Jill to suit her personal aesthetic, but never did photograph it after adding it. It gave it a real bohemian feel.


Each tapestry in this exhibit represented a response to times we (Janna and Katie) spent together in our shared art practice since 2013. They are highly interpretive depictions of moments captured in photograph. We see our woven artwork as a negotiation between the art world, which is so white-box-centric, and our attempt to show evidence of the invisible materials of our relationship, as art, within it.

The three tapestries on the right are by me, Janna, and one on the left is by Katie Earle. The two on the left wall are available to purchase at www.everleatextiles.com

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