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One of the things I love about Mirrix Looms is that you know you will never have to find a new home for one for the purpose of making space in your home or studio.

This is the biggest Mirrix, the 38"er and I can weave a 35"X60" tapestry on it. When I'm not weaving it goes against a wall. At least that's where it went in this Jersey City apartment, where my weaving table was also our dining table and kids crafting table etc. It was also only $20 at IKEA and JUST wide enough for this loom.

I'm beyond relieved to be in a larger space and in my home country again. Jersey was doable, but not ideal. The three years we spent there for my partner's schooling began with an epic New York City apartment hunt which I dubbed our New York Poosaster in this 2014 blog post. That first year really set a tone (not a good one) for our time in the USA. So, when I came back to BC to family and a thriving textile art community I was in heaven. I still am.