Tapestry experiments


I tend to do more planning with material than I do with design and because many of my designs have a lot of white space lately I’ve been using that absence of detail as an opportunity to get a feeling for the range of fabrics I can create. So, I have been experimenting with SETT (how far apart my warp yarns are in relation to my weft yarn) and weft gauge (how thick my weft yarn is). This is one of my most recent tapestries off my Mirrix woven with the heaviest yarn that I've ever used in tapestry. It's made with a mix of Prairie Sea Fusion and Prairie Wool Medium soft spun from @customwoolenmills woven at 5 ends per inch on wool warp. I dyed the blue and the yellow with indigo and osage, respectively. The others are natural sheep colours.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

My favourite aspect of this tapestry is the fact that it looks like the profile of a floating pixel head. Do you see the big blue eye and the yellow mouth? It's coming in to munch my studio plant 🤣
It measures 28" X 29"


Janna ValleeComment