Light & Warmth Cowl


Today the fam and I went on a hike up Soames Hill in Gibsons. That was the best decision we've made all week. What a stunning day it is today on the Sunshine Coast.


One of my favourite knits these days is my Light & Warmth cowl by @sweaterfreakknits. Jenny designed it in our Canadian Alpaca Plus and mine is knit in the Medium Indigo colourway. The pattern calls for slightly more than one hank of yarn and I did a silly thing when I finished the first hank. Firstly, I didn't try it on. If I had I would have realized I was more than happy to stop there and bind off. But I didn't and then I lost the second hank I had wound in preparation. For two months I told myself whenever I come across it I'll finish the cowl. That never happened and when Fibres West was approaching I wanted to make sure it was done as a sample so I opened the project bag, tried it on, realized it was great as is, did a crochet bind off and was done in 10 minutes 🤣. For two months I could have been wearing this coziness!! It didn't even need to blocked!


Our soft, squishy Canadian Alpaca Plus, which is 75% Alberta Alpaca and 25% merino totally shines in this design. I've got a bunch of this colourway in the shop right now.


The sweater I'm wearing is Caitlin Hunter's Ingalls sweater in our Organic Merino Sport in 'ffrench locks' for the body and Canadian Alpaca Plus in the 'fresh green' for the yoke colourwork.