Mirrix Looms Sale


Two more days and our Mirrix sale is over! If you've been eyeing a Mirrix and have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. When you get a Mirrix from me you'll also get a link to a video of me showing you the ins and outs of unboxing, warping up and heddling your Mirrix. 

The discount is more or less the same as free shipping for the larger looms. So there's that if you've been eyeing a 28, 32 or 38 inch loom.  Most of my weavings could have been woven on a 32" but I've been weaving on a 38" loom. I like having the option of going bigger. But if you think you'd be just dandy with tapestries which are up to 29"X 59" and price is a consideration there is a big jump in price between the 32" and the 38" so 32" might be the right choice for you. Email me your Mirrix and tapestry questions! I love chatting about weaving stuff 


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