Warping up your Everlea Loom

Which Everlea Loom should I get?

Everlea Mini Loom and Everlea Tapestry Loom are both comfortable to hold and beautifully handcrafted looms. The main differences are the size of the loom and therefore also the size of the weavings you can weave on them. Choose whichever loom suits your needs based on the following information:

Everlea Mini Loom
5"W X 8"H
weaves artwork up to 4"W and 7" tall
The pro to the Everlea Mini Loom is that it is super portable, fitting in most small bags.

Everlea Tapestry Loom
8"W X 11"H

weaves artwork up to 7"W and 10" tall
The Everlea Tapestry Loom is larger, and more versatile in that it can weave big and small artworks: everything from narrow bracelets to 7" wide objects.