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Everlea Keeper Loom

Everlea Keeper Loom

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Each Everlea Keeper Loom is a 2.5" wide loom and frame in one! Each loom is made by me with unstained dark woods like black walnut and mahogany, and oiled with linseed oil from flax.

By keeping your weaving on the loom, these tiny handcrafted looms easily transform your weaving into a framed free-standing sculpture, or with the addition of twine or leather rope, a one-of-a-kind ornament. Weave the entire front face of the loom or create a two-piece diptych and incorporate the loom's center beam into your design.

Everlea Keeper Loom
2.5"H X 2.5"W
6 dents per inch
Made with walnut or mahogany woods.

Weave Everlea Worsted yarn on this loom singly warped (6 ends per inch), or Everlea Fingering yarn singly (6 ends per inch) or doubly warped (12 ends per inch).

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