Everlea Worsted Card Bobbins
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Everlea Worsted Card Bobbins

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Everlea Worsted is a favourite among our customers for mending, embroidery, appliqué embroidery, and tapestry weaving.

You get five naturally dyed colourways of Everlea Worsted neatly wrapped on extra thick cardstock bobbin cards.

There is 7g and 26yards (24metres) on each bobbin card.

Total: 35grams and 130 yards (120 metres)

The colourways you will receive may not be exactly as shown. Colour substitutions may exist in your package, in which case you will get an extra Everlea Worsted Card Bobbin for free. The colourways in the photo are as follows:

  • Dark Indigo (blue)
  • Medium Weld (yellow)
  • Medium Madder Root (coral)
  • Medium Logwood (m.purple)
  • Awesome Arbutus (brown)

Weave weft faced tapestry at 6-10 EPI or split the yarn in half, as with embroidery thread, and weave at 12 EPI.

Everlea Worsted is organic merino sourced from New Zealand, spun in Canada and then dyed with natural dyes by Everlea Yarn in British Columbia. This luxurious yarn creates warm, cozy garments and accessories, and its four-ply structure makes hardwearing fabric perfect for your everyday wearables.

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