Loom Light
Loom Light
Loom Light
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Loom Light

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This modern, clip-on portable, wireless lamp is a great companion for you and your Mirrix Loom. It can easily clip onto either the copper sides, or aluminum bottom of your Mirrix Loom, or even the weaving itself. The flexible arm directs the light where you need it most and delivers high contrast, low heat, and three options of brightness. It also stands on its own on a flat surface.

  • Rechargeable - up to 4 hours of light.

  • Very Compact: 13.8” (Width) x 4.7” (Height) x 2.2” (Depth) when folded.

  • BRIGHT Daylight LEDs with 3 step dimmer.

  • Energy consumption: 1.8W

  • Ideal for Mirrix Looms, frame-looms, quilting, sewing, reading, camping and emergency preparation.

  • Lamp brightness: 400 Lux at 12”

Two Charging Methods

  • Internal rechargeable battery (included)

  • USB cable included (adaptor not included), works with any phone adapter.

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