Spencer Power Treadle
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Spencer Power Treadle

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This is a preorder. Order your Spencer Power Treadle before Thursday January 14th 2021 before 8pm to have it shipped on or before Feb 5th, 2021.

Mirrix’s Spencer Power Treadle attaches to all Mirrix Looms between the sizes 12”-38”. It allows the weaver to easily change the shed by pressing down on a pedal that electronically changes the shed without having to use your hands. Easy, fast and perfect for tapestry weaving!

No assembly required.

Mirrix Looms and accessories are made in the USA. Ones which are ordered from Everlea Yarn and are to be delivered within Canada are in stock according to the listing and shipped from BC Canada. Ones which are being delivered to the USA are made to order and shipped from Wisconsin.

Scroll down to view Everlea’s Spencer Power Treadle installation video

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