What’s in Janna’s online tapestry course?

We begin with tapestry terms, tools and supplies. You will learn about different tapestry loom options, the pros and cons of each as well as a tutorial on how to build and warp up a PVC tapestry loom. Then we move on to making three projects which each cover new fundamental techniques that will set you up for success in creating your own woven artworks after the course is done. Join me over at The School of SweetGeorgia, and make sure to ask questions in the SOS forum, too. The course comes with a handout that includes helpful illustrations and reminders about tips that we’ve covered.


Project one

In project one you learn how to blend colours, avoid shed discrepancies, move from one colour’s section into another and what to do when you run out of a yarn bundle and want to introduce a new one seamlessly.


Project two

In project two you learn about blending colours using more than one strand of yarn as well as creating smooth colour transitions vertically. We then move on to using more than two colours on a vertical plane.


Project three

In project three you learn to dos and don’ts of weaving shapes, some tips for weaving circles and multiple approaches to shape building.