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Introducing the Everlea Colour Club

I'm excited to announce the Everlea Colour Club, a monthly yarn subscription for weavers of all levels!

Everlea Colour Club features five naturally dyed colourways on Everlea Fingering Card Bobbins in your mailbox every month! They are dyed to work in tandem with one another in ways which will be fun to discover with the help of my Colour in Tapestry workshop. Colour in Tapestry is an online workshop featuring 4 colour-centric projects that you will want to weave over and over. You are supported throughout each project with in depth video tutorials and an online forum to ask questions. Colour in Tapestry comes free ($50+ value) with any subscription!
Every month you get:
  • Five surprise one-of-a-kind naturally-dyed Everlea Fingering card bobbins which weave beautifully together.
  • One bobbin of cotton warp (to dress your loom)
  • My online Colour in Tapestry workshop comes free with any subscription ($50+ value)
    • Features four beautiful beginner-friendly projects including the one pictured above.
    • Is pre-recorded which means you can work through it at your own pace.
    • Releases on January 20th, 2024 when the first delivery is shipped to subscribers.
    • All subscribers get forever access!
  • Discount shipping

You have two subscription options:

One-time three-month subscription $23/month

$23 CAD/month plus discounted shipping.
Doesn't auto-renew.
The perfect gift for weavers of all levels.


Three-Month Subscription $20.70/month
Automatically renews every three months

~ 10% off ~
$20.70 CAD/month plus discounted shipping.
Cancel anytime, or simply skip some months.


Are you purchasing this as a gift?

Look for the printable gift announcement after purchase.


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