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Weaving a smooth angle in tapestry

In tapestry there are many tricks of the trade that are simple in practice, but if you don't them, you don't know them. So, here's a hot tip for you! This one is about shape building.

When attempting to make a smooth decrease, hinge on a warp whose last sequence went under that warp. You can achieve this repeatedly if you're decreasing in multiples of two warps each sequence (ie. abandoning 2, 4 or 6 warps etc).

The arrow in the image above points to the green warp yarn, showing how that line of weaving went under the green warp yarn. Therefore, this time we will go over it (seen as the current line of weaving about to hinge on that warp yarn next)

The weaving below used this technique to create the blue hill on the bottom part of the design.

*Note that this technique is specific to weaving with your design's front facing you while you weave. If you are weaving with your design's back facing your while you weave you will want to hinge on the other warp (ie the warp whose last sequence went over it) 

Find video instructions on this technique in my per-recorded online Weave a Sunset workshop in the Weaving a Smooth Diagonal section.

All images copyright Everlea Yarn co
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