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Art Crawl and Circle Craft

For the past month I have been working very long days. As in, today was the first day that I shut down shop at 5:30pm instead of 11pm. I must not burn out before my next market - but oh, looms must be made!

Last weekend I had the huge pleasure of hosting art crawlers in my studio for the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl. I had a total blast meeting local art lovers. Even though it felt like a massive undertaking while also preparing for the Circle Craft Christmas Market, It was 100% worth it. Thank you to those of you who stopped by.

Coming up… Circle Craft Christmas Market runs next week for five whole days at the Vancouver Convention Centre. I would love to see some familiar faces, as well as some new ones if you could kindly introduce yourself. As introverted as I am, markets can surprisingly feel a bit lonely. So, don't be a stranger! I will be there from 1pm on weekdays, and all day on the weekend days (I have helpers on weekday mornings so I can have slow, regenerative starts to those days)

Circle Craft Market Hours: ​
Wed November 8 to Sun November 12th
Weekdays 10am to 9pm;
Saturday 10am to 7pm;
Sunday 10am to 5pm.

Find all my upcoming markets here ----->

If you are not local, I currently have a large stock of my handcrafted looms and kits, featuring my plant-dyed yarn and online class, ready to ship. Thank you so very much for the support!


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