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Everlea Colour Club is a monthly yarn subscription which delivers three or five naturally dyed Everlea Fingering yarns to your mailbox each month. Mystery colourways are dyed to create a gradient; each month's colourways harmonizing with each other as well as subsequent months' beautifully. Subscribers get free and forever access to my Colour in Tapestry workshop which offers 7 hours of in depth weaving lessons, offering ideas for how to use your monthly yarn morsels on your Everlea loom.
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Sign up before the end of the month to get next month's colours!

What's the difference between the plans?

The main difference between EverBOBBIN, EverTHREE and EverFIVE plans is yarn quantity. All three of the plans are great to be used for all yarn crafts including weaving, knitting, crochet, embroidery and mending. Here are some things to consider about each plan.

All plans get 10% off when you sign up for auto renewal.

The EverBOBBIN plan - 35g (125yd) $23/month

  • is primarily for weavers because it comes with cotton warp yarn for dressing your loom.
  • You get five 7g(25yd) bobbins plus 12g of cotton warp for $23/month

The EverTHREE plan - 75g (240m/255yd) $30/month

  • Has the least variety but is a great option for a crafter on a budget.
  • offers three of the five colourways in the EverBOBBIN plan but in larger quantities and better value.
  • You get three 25g (80m/85yd) hanks per month for $30/month.

The EverFIVE plan - 125g (400m/425yd) $46/month

  • offers all the same colourways as EverBOBBIN but in larger quantities and better value.
  • You get five 25g (80m/85yd) hanks per month for $46/month.

Everlea Fingering is merino wool yarn spun in Canada and dyed with natural dyes by Janna Maria at Everlea Yarn here in British Columbia. Designed as knitting yarn, it is perfect for those knitting projects which you wish to have a lightweight feel, and its 2-ply structure is great for opening up yarn-overs in your lace knitting.

Janna loves it for weaving, held double for beautiful colour blending using two colourways at once.

Use US 2-4 / 2.5-3.5mm knitting needles
Weave weft-faced from 9-12 EPI or held double at 6 EPI

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