Subscription FAQs

What is the Everlea Color Club?

The Everlea Colour Club is a monthly yarn subscription where subscribers get five Everlea Fingering Card Bobbins, dyed with a special harmony of colourways, in their mailbox each month.

Subscribers get free and forever access to my my Colour in Tapestry workshop which offers ideas for how to use your monthly yarn morsels on your tapestry loom.


What's the Difference between the two plans?

One-time payment plan

  • Yarn in your mailbox each month for three months.
  • One-time payment, doesn't renew
  • Delivery: Every 1 month
  • Discount shipping
  • Charged once for your three months of yarn when you sign up
  • To get more than 3 months you have to sign up again

    Ongoing subscription plan

    • Yarn in your mailbox every month that you're subscribed
    • Auto-renews every the months unless cancelled
    • 10% off every month
    • Billed every 3 months
    • Delivery: Every 1 month
    • Discount shipping
    • Ability to skip months instead of cancel. This delays your next billing date.
    • Cancel anytime before the end of your current three-month cycle.

    When does my yarn ship? 

    Shipping occurs around the 20th of each month and new sign ups for that month must occur before the 1st of the month. (ie to sign up for January, you must sign up by the last day of December. January 1st sign ups will have their first package shipped in February).

    Sorry, there are no exceptions to the cut-off dates. I use an app to organize the sign ups which can not be reorganized manually.


    When does my plan auto-renew?

    If you chose auto-renewal you get 10% off and your subsequent charge will occur on the 2nd of the renewal month. Renewals occur every three months. It only renews if you picked that plan.


    How much yarn do I get?

    You get five Everlea Fingering Card Bobbins, plus one bobbin of cotton seine twine warp to dress you loom with.

    There are 7g and 25 yards (23 metres) on each Everlea Fingering Card Bobbin. 


    What else do you need to participate in the free online workshop?

    - Any loom that weaves 6 and 12 ends per inch. All projects in the class are designed to work using the full width of any loom. Therefore, any of my Everlea looms are appropriate for the workshop.  GO HERE to get help deciding which loom you'd like to get. Email me anytime with questions.
    - A blunt end needle for finishing techniques.