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Introducing the Everlea Tapestry Loom

There's a new loom in town! Introducing the Everlea Tapestry Loom.

I designed this loom with comfort in mind, as well as my students' requests for a larger loom (compared to my Everlea Mini Loom). Paired with my new Everlea Weaving Needle, I'm over-the-moon in love - as they make for a super comfortable weaving experience.

The Everlea Tapestry Loom is made in-house by me (Janna) with maple upper and lower beams for strength, and cedar center beams for comfort. Its two center beams are spaced for optimum comfort for hand-held weaving.

About the loom:

Price: $86 not including Everlea Weaving Needle
Size: 11" H x 8" W
Dents: 6 and 12 on this one loom
Weight: 4.5 oz
Material: maple (upper and lower) and cedar (center)

Included with your loom are illustrated instructions for how to dress your loom. And just like our mini looms, it comes with free access to my recorded Zoom workshop and ebook, Introduction to Tapestry.



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