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Lovenote Sweater

I'm over the moon in love with my new Love Note sweater by Tin Can Knits. What an awesome design this was to knit. The pattern is flawless and so easy to follow and this was the fastest I've ever knit a sweater. I was very committed to getting it done ASAP, and even my kid was feeling a bit of knitting resentment this past week. 10 days is what it took me! I am THE queen of abandoning works-in-progress for long periods of time - I had a cardigan on the go for three-years once. So, I'm very proud of this knit. Truth be told I had been in a knitting slump for over a year, and thought a quick sweater could help get me out of it. It definitely did the trick. I'm raring to go on some gift knitting that's backed up and then I'm diving into my Melting Point Cardigan by Caitlin Shepherd of Pluck Pigeon Knits.

I knit this in our naturally dyed organic merino sport held double with a gorgeous fingering weight silk mohair yarn, both dyed in a medium Indigo.

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