Two ways to cut your weaving off the loom

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Where are Everlea looms made?

I make every Everlea Loom myself at my studio in Madeira Park, British Columbia, Canada.

Are your looms suitable for kids?

Yes! I recommend purchasing any Everlea Loom for kids 10+. It also depends on the kid. Among my customers, some parents have known that their 7 year old would use it and love it.

My online workshops, Weave a Sunset and Colour in Tapestry are suitable for people 14+

Are your online courses suitable for beginners?

Yes! Weave a Sunset and the Colour in Tapestry are designed for very beginners, aged 14+.

No weaving experience necessary!

Which Everlea Loom should I get?

Everlea Mini Loom and Everlea Tapestry Loom are both comfortable to hold and beautifully handcrafted looms. The main differences are the size of the loom and therefore also the size of the weavings you can weave on them. Choose whichever loom suits your needs based on the following information below:

Compare Everlea Looms

Everlea Mini Loom

Pricepoint: $40-$50 CAD

Loom size: 5"W X 8"H,

Weaves artwork up to 4"W and 7" tall

The pro to the Everlea Mini Loom is that it is super portable, fitting in most small bags.

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Everlea Tapestry Loom

Pricepoint: $86 CAD

Loom size: 11"h X 8"w
Weaves artwork up to 10"h X 7.25"w

The Everlea Tapestry Loom is my most comfortable loom to hold. It is tall enough to weave adult length bracelets, and can weave both narrow and wide artworks.

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