Welcome! Hi, I'm Janna Maria.
I'm a professional dyer and tapestry weaver, longtime knitter and instructor. I would love to welcome you to my studio and teach you the wonders of these handworks.


Learn to weave online with Tiny Tapestries

Tiny Tapestries is intimate, live and online, and introduces new weavers to the ins and outs of weaving small-scale tapestry in a chock-full 2-hour workshop.

We cover the elements of design to consider for small-scale tapestry using paper collage and then dive into the basics of tapestry weaving including some 'magic' techniques.

Tiny Tapestries comes free with Everlea Mini Loom Kits as a recorded workshop 

Tiny Tapestries can be offered live via Zoom to private groups, guilds and associations by request. Join my mailing list to be in the loop about my next live workshop. Book this workshop for your online group by emailing janna(at)everleayarn.ca

When you purchase an Everlea Mini Loom Kit you get access to a recorded Zoom workshop to accompany your new loom and learn the ins and out of tapestry weaving. There's more to learn than you think!



Dive deeper into tapestry online with Janna at the School of SweetGeorgia

I have launched two comprehensive tapestry workshops with the School of SweetGeorgia (SOS) which are perfect for beginner or beyond beginner students.

In my first course, we begin with tapestry terms, tools and supplies. You will learn about different tapestry loom options, the pros and cons of each as well as a tutorial on how to build and warp up a PVC tapestry loom. Then we move on to making three projects which each cover new fundamental techniques that will set you up for success in creating your own woven artworks after the course.

In my second course, Techniques in Tapestry, we cover three kinds of stripes including horizontal stripes and two kinds of vertical stripes, as well as double weft interlock, and how to block your tapestry. 

That's over four hours of comprehensive tapestry weaving instruction! With an all-access School of SweetGeorgia membership, you get access to all my courses and the entire library of SOS textile art lessons. Membership starts at $19USD/month. 


The first and third and fourth images on this page are from my series of tapestry weaving workshops at the School of SweetGeorgia.

Learn to weave tapestry in person


I am currently offering one-on-one tapestry weaving instruction from my studio on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada.

These lessons offer an opportunity for both introductory instruction in our initial meetings, as well as specialized offerings in subsequent meetings based on the interest of the student. Students usually book 2-4 4hour lessons. COVID measures are in place for the entirety of the workshop. One-on-one in person fees are $50/hr

Email Janna to set up your one-on-one sessions: janna(at)everleayarn.ca

Everlea Community Lessons

Free knitting, weaving & natural dyeing video support.

I have begun a series of support videos which focus on a specific project, beginning with the Ambershore Shawl. In these videos I walk you through the techniques which are employed in the project to support you in having success with it.




Online one-on-one consults

If you have taken any of my workshops, including any live, online or in-person workshops, and you'd like some further one-on-one direction, please reach out to me at janna(at)everleayarn.ca. My rates for consults are $25 per half hour.