You're invited to my online weaving studio!

Introduction to Tapestry is intimate, live and online, and introduces
new weavers to the ins and outs of weaving tapestry on your Everlea Mini Loom
or Everlea Tapestry Loom. This is a chock-full 2-hour workshop.
We cover the elements of design to consider using paper collage and then
dive into the basics of tapestry weaving including some 'magic' techniques.

You get forever access to the playback!

or buy an Everlea loom kit and get the class FREE


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Every kit comes with free access to 'Introduction to Tapestry'

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take the class using my own supplies?

Yes. However, If you are a complete beginner, I recommend using an Everlea loom kit because I have chosen materials and loom set up which I know will work for the project we make together. This way, you will have the most successful experience.