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How to Finish a Tiny Tapestry // Tutorial at Digits & Threads

My fourth and final Weave a Tiny Tapestry tutorial is up on Digits & Threads, Canada's online fibre magazine.

Be sure to read the first three segments where we covered an introduction to important tapestry vocabulary and best practices; next steps (how to make and warp up a cardboard loom, how to start your tapestry with twining, as well as basic weaving and shape building techniques); and how to blend colours (using the foundational tapestry technique ‘meet-and-separate,’ creating smooth diagonal lines by being intentional about which warp we decrease on and learning to create the straightest possible horizontal line).

Today we delve into finishing techniques, and I will show you three ways to enjoy your finished tapestry: by adding twine to create a hanging decoration, turning it into a magnet, or adding a pin to wear it as a brooch.

To get your 15% off discount for a membership to Digits & Threads use the code 'EVERLEA' at checkout.


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