I am pleased to invite you to my online tapestry weaving classes with the School of SweetGeorgia (SOS). At SOS I have released a series of comprehensive tapestry weaving workshops and well as an ongoing series of tapestry articles.

Who are the courses for?

My tapestry courses are everyone 13 years old or older! Regardless of what stage you are at as a weaver, from beginner to experienced, I recommend starting with my Fundamentals of Tapestry course and then moving on to Techniques in Tapestry.

My tapestry workshop suite at SOS is just $19USD/month (or less if you sign up for multiple months at a time). This fee constitutes a School of SweetGeorgia membership and includes all of my tapestry workshops as well as the entire growing library of SOS weaving, dyeing, spinning, and knitting lessons.



 Janna's tapestry journey:


Janna Maria Vallee is a 2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate of Concordia University's Fibres and Material Practices program (Montreal). She first learned how to weave tapestry in 2008 under the instruction West Dean trained weaver Anthea Mallinson at Capilano University's Textile Art diploma program. In 2014 she began weaving tapestry as her primary artistic medium when she participated in Mirrix Loom's Social Market for a Mirrix program where she received her first Mirrix Loom, the 16" Big Sister, and hasn't looked back. Janna has been teaching introductory tapestry weaving in person for several years around North America and launched an online workshop with the School of SweetGeorgia in October 2019.

Here are some of Janna's tapestries handwoven in Everlea Yarn.