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Tiny Tapestries in person at Sew Easy, Sechelt

Join me on Saturday November 6th from 1pm-5pm at Sew Easy in Sechelt, BC. $55 plus supplies ($17 for cardboard loom and yarn, $55 for Everlea Tiny Tapestry Loom Kit)
This class is suitable for beginners. 


You're invited to join Janna Maria in person for Tiny Tapestries - a chock-full workshop which introduces new weavers to the fundamentals of small-scale tapestry. We cover the elements of design to consider for small-scale tapestry using paper collage and then dive into the basics of tapestry weaving, including 'magic' techniques.

Why weave tiny tapestries? Let me tell you!

Tiny tapestries can be made in to magnets, pins, patches, tiny wall hangings and whatever else your imagination can dream up. AND they are a great way to dip your toes into the world of weaving tapestry.

I hope you'll join me! 

To register call Sew East at 605-885-2725, get your workshop kit HERE
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