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How sett affects your finished tapestry

I'm excited to share that I have published a new article over at the School of SweetGeorgia all about sett in tapestry. 

Sett refers to the relationship between your warp yarn (the yarn dressing your loom) and your weft yarn (the yarn you weave with). The variables we are looking at are 1) the gauge of both yarns (warp and weft) as well as 2) Our ends-per-inch (EPI), ie. how far apart our warp yarns are on the loom. The finer your warp and weft yarns, and the closer together your warps are the more detail you can achieve in your tapestry design. The key is to make sure your warps are not so close together that you are unable to maintain weft-faced weaving.

EPI measures how many warp threads are in a one-inch-horizontal area. These examples above show two extremes to illustrate how much less detail we can achieve when we divide our EPI in half and use two strands of the same weft yarn as opposed to one, comparatively. The above image shows how I have woven the same design twice, once with fingering weight yarn (Tough Love Sock by SweetGeorgia) at 10 ends-per-inch (bottom) and another using two strands of that same yarn at 5 ends-per-inch (top). My ability to create detail diminishes significantly.

Now, what happens when you change only one of those variables? Check out my free article at SOS to find out.



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